Our hearts ache in the wake of the devastating wildfires in Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties. Together we can help. Together we are #CAWINESTRONG.

California’s regional wine associations call upon all wineries, restaurants, hotels, and other business partners who love California wine to help. Help comes in many forms including providing resources and generating donations.

RESOURCES: As recovery efforts continue, needed resources will be identified (like lodging, equipment, winery space, generators, and other identified resources). As the CAWineStrong Network identifies these needed resources we will get the word out through social media.  Each individual regional wine association will also send resource needs to their own maillists.

RAISE AND GIVE MONEY:  What's needed most is money to be able to respond to the individual needs of the affected families.  There are numerous ways to provide these funds:

  1. Donate a set amount
  2. Offer a portion of your businesses revenue for a period of time (you decide on portion and timing)
  3. Collect donations at your place of business
  4. Create an event to raise monies
  5. Share the information with your networks


  1. STEP 1: Register to be part of #CAWINESTRONG here
  2. STEP 2: Review the instructions and promotions below (we'll also send to you via email when you register). We'll send you a window cling next week - meanwhile there is other collateral to use below.
  3. STEP 3: We’ll tell the world you’re participating.

- website:

- social channels: CAWINESTRONG

  1. STEP 4: You tell the world you’re participating #CAWINESTRONG
  2. RESULT: We all raise money to help! We are one wine community! We are @CAWINESTRONG!


Thank you for participating in CAWineStrong's international fundraising efforts. With your generosity, we will help those affected by the fires rebuild their lives.


STEP 1:  Design a donation structure that works for your business. Feel free to be creative and share that creativity with us. Send your details to us if you want the details included on the website. Here are some ideas:

  • Donate a specific dollar amount of each bottle (product) sold: i.e. $1 per bottle of wine purchased from now through October 31st (or other amount of time)
  • Donate a specific percentage of each bottle (product) sold: i.e. 10% of sales between now through October 31st (or other amount of time)
  • Donate a specific percentage of sales totals: i.e. 15% of sales of sales between now through October 31st (or other amount of time)
  • Donate a portion of tasting room fees: i.e. 50% of tasting room fees
  • Donate a percentage of sales from one item (sku): i.e. donating 50% of our CAWineStrong Chardonnay
  • Donate a set amount: i.e. $5,000
  • Host a special event and donate proceeds

STEP 2. Set up a container for people to offer cash donations to the cause (print one of the table tents below and put one of the little signs on the container)

STEP 3.  Let people know you're participating. Here is the link to the promotions folder.

Print the following and post:

Social Media Posts

Use #CAWineStrong

There are multiple options for getting the funds to the relief funds. 

1. DONATE DIRECTLY: Send checks directly to the relief funds.  Here is the mailing information.

2. Make the donation online using a credit card here. (A credit card processing fee is deducted from the donation.)

3. Send one check to the CAWineStrong fiscal agent: Monterey County Vintners & Growers Foundation, 536 Pearl Street, Monterey, CA 93940 (attn: CAWineStrong). One hundred percent of what you send will go towards the fire relief efforts. This is a 501 (c) 3.  You will receive a letter acknowledging the donation.

3. Your own regional wine association may have a foundation. If they do, you may be able to send the donations there and they'll distribute to the relief funds. Contact your regional wine association. (Again one hundred percent of what you send will go towards the fire relief efforts.)

THANK YOU.  Together we are #CAWINESTRONG!


Funds raised will be divided between the following relief funds. 

All donations will be made to 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations and thus are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

If the fire continues to grow in other CA wine regions we will also include these areas in the program.


If you’re unable to participate,  donate directly to one of our recommended relief funds above.


Make a donation through donation page


Please use the official #CAWineStrong pages to avoid duplication.
 - Website:
 - Twitter: CAWineStrong
 - Instagram: CAWineStrong


Tell us your stories and let us know what else we can do to help.

Together we are #CAWINESTRONG!!!!


For further information please send an email to


Thank you for caring!